Organizing the world’s audio information, one burst at a time.

About Us

At Audioburst, we’re building the world’s largest library of audio content. Every day, our technology listens to, understands, segments and indexes millions of minutes of audio information from top radio stations and podcasts.

By organizing live and prerecorded audio content to make it more easily accessible and discoverable, we aim to power the next generation of listening experiences across web, mobile, IoT and in-car entertainment systems.

Our Technology

Audioburst Library & Search

Audioburst Library & Search

Using keywords and phrases, people can find the latest bursts of news aired on radio, TV, and podcasts.

Audioburst Library & Search

Cross-Platform Distribution

Through our APIs, third-party developers can enable users the ability to take their infotainment with them, wherever they go.

Audioburst Library & Search

Listening Identity & Personalization

Create a customized audio stream for each listener, based on their interests, past behaviors and trending topics.


Meet Our Team

Amir Hirsh


Ben Enosh


Gal Klein


Yoni Silberberg

VP Business Development

Limor Lev


Assaf Gad

VP Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

Dr. Rachel Ludmer

Chief Data Scientist

Yoshinori Oikawa

President, APAC

Keren Klein